About Us

NHS Professionals (NHSP) is the market leader in managed flexible worker services for the NHS. We work in partnership with over 55 NHS Trusts across England to reduce their reliance on expensive agencies by helping them build their own staff banks.

We’re more than just nursing

Our business was founded on nursing and midwifery, but now we specialise in much more. We have a large community of healthcare professionals on our bank, comprising of more than 140,000 general and specialist nurses, doctors, midwives, non-clinical and allied healthcare professionals – all available for our partner Trusts.

We are extremely proud of our bank members, all of whom provide essential healthcare services for the NHS to help them deliver safe, efficient and effective patient care.

We employ the bank

NHS Professionals employs bank staff so that Trusts don’t have to. Behind the scenes, our specialist teams manage recruitment, HR, payroll, flexible worker benefits, education and performance management, providing clients with complete oversight on spend and shift fill.

We ensure the highest levels of clinical governance for the bank workforce across all staff groups, ensuring that our partner Trusts and their patients are always in safe hands.

Creating a great place to work

At NHSP, we recognise that our people are pivotal to our success. Which is why we believe it is important for you to have your own Compelling Employee Journey, enabling you to grow both personally and professionally. Our mission is to ‘Empower, Engage and Excel’, and you are at the heart of that mission.

Empower. Our goal is to unlock potential by providing a learning space where you have the ownership and empowerment to create your own career pathway and the means to excel in what you do. NHSP’s Institute of Learning offers a truly integrated talent and development experience, creating opportunities for you to learn, connect and grow through a fantastic proposition, that is digital and flexible at its core. Through the use of blended learning, this enables us to adapt our approach and create an environment which brings out the best in you and your individual learning style.

Engage. We also harness an environment whereby your voice is heard and action is taken. Through ‘My Engagement’ you have the opportunity to ensure your input is captured on a monthly basis through employee engagement surveys and a fantastic feedback mechanism that measures input from a variety of areas across all of the business. These also work alongside our Champions groups, (Wellbeing, Equality & Diversity) - There are multiple channels to ensure that your voice is being heard and helping to shape the future of NHSP.

Excel. Finally, we want you to be the best you can be and to support in you in doing so. My Performance is a tool which enables you to have balanced discussions about past performance with regular, future-focused conversations looking at skills, agile goals, development areas and competencies. Studies have consistently shown that regular feedback, recognition and coaching is essential in order for us to perform to the best of our abilities. Such discussions focus on strengths and how they can be leveraged, how past successes can be replicated and, where things haven’t always gone to plan, what can be learned or improved upon next time – this is our world of continuous performance management. My Performance will empower you to have these high quality and regular conversations to support you and your Compelling Employee Journey.

NHSP believe companies with a strong learning and development culture, with a clear vision, perform better by developing their greatest asset; their people, and that approach is fundamental to our success.

We believe investing in the whole person means that you can bring your best self to work, which is why you will be supported from the outset, embarking on a 3 month induction period and supported throughout your time with us from a developmental, professional and wellbeing perspective.

NHS Professionals has been named as a Top Employer by the Top Employers Institute. This accreditation is based on a thorough assessment of our corporate people practices and the support we offer our staff, covering areas such as Talent Strategy, Compensation and Benefits, and Leadership Development.

It is a huge testament to our ongoing commitment to making NHSP a great place to work for all our corporate employees

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